Solar geysers and thermo-dynamic water heating

Powered by free energy from the sun, we offer a range of Solar geysers and thermo-dynamic water heating which includes all-weather solar geysers, solar roof panels and water pumps, providing cost-effective and efficient water heating solutions, 24/7/364. In addition, we recommend and install the following:

  • Evacutube solar water heating: These are a cost and energy-saving alternative to traditional gas or electrical geysers. Evacuated tubes absorb and convert solar energy to heat water. Evacutubes are extremely strong and are maintenance free. They work in hot and cold weather and can be installed on all roof types and pitches.
  • Thermo-dynamic heating: This environmentally-friendly and cost-saving solution provides a reliable supply of hot water, with air being used to heat a hot water tank. Thermodynamic heaters can work in hot and cold temperatures and are an efficient source of alternative heat and energy.