Purifying river and borehole water

Ashanti Trading has the ideal solutions for low-maintenance and low-cost solution to purifying river and borehole water. We provide and install a range of equipment, such as water tanks, pumps, filters, dispensers and chemicals, enabling you to treat and purify the following:

  • River water:                            Non-hygienic and muddy water
  • Dam water:                             Dirty and murky water
  • Borehole water:                       Water that has a foul odour, a peculiar colour and an unpleasant taste
  • Contaminated water:               Water with organic, bacterial and chemical compounds, including iron, manganese and chemical pollutants.

Ashanti Trading guarantees simple steps to clean clear water using our well designed Purifying river and borehole water solution:

  1. Polluted water is first pumped from its source through a pre-treatment dispenser
  2. Pre-treatment occurs on the inlet side of a water reservoir tank and dosing is done while the tank is being filled
  3. During pre-treatment, Chlorine and Flocculent are dispensed to eliminate all germs and bacteria
  4. Ashanti Trading provides all low-cost chemicals required (maintenance costs for domestic purposes are ±R10 a week)
  5. Ashanti Trading recommends that reservoir tanks be filled in the evening and that water rests in the tank at least one hour before use
  6. A water filtering system is installed on the outlet of the water reservoir tank, consisting of a sand and activated carbon (AC) filter
  7. The sand filter sifts all roughage while the AC filter removes colour, odour, taste and excess Chlorine from the water
  8. Manual filters are fitted with a multi-port valve that can be set to perform various functions (filter, rinse, backwash, etc)
  9. Fully automated water filtering systems are available, eliminating the need for manual operation
  10. Standard filters have 40mm delivery pipes and deliver 9000 l/hr at 1 Bar pressure; A pressure booster pump can be installed if the reservoir tank is not high enough to deliver adequate force
  11. Where a large volume of water is required, banks of filters can be supplied and adapted to ensure a large volume water supply