De-scaling and catalytic water conditioning systems

Ashanti Trading offers De-scaling and catalytic water conditioning systems treatment of water. With electrons in the water, electrochemical changes safely and effectively limit corrosion, lime scale, algae and fungus in the water and the storage containers used. Other benefits of reducing electron deficiencies include the following:

  • Dissolve existing scale and prevent future rust and corrosion
  • Leach excessive salt content
  • Inhibit growth of fungus, algae and mildew
  • Prevent undesirable oxidation.

We also offer low and high-pressure de-scaling equipment with micro-plus crystals that dissolve in water to keep Calcium and Magnesium salts in suspension. This helps to remove existing scale and prevent further build-up. This type of water treatment is ideal for domestic use (showerheads, geysers and irrigation) as well as industrial use (pipelines, valves, gas and electrical geysers).