Biological Water Treatment

Because water is the world’s most precious resource, Ashanti Trading is committed to developing environmentally-friendly water treatment solutions to help recycle and preserve water. We offer various water treatment methods that are affordable, effective and well-constructed. With low-maintenance equipment, Ashanti Trading enables you to purify water for human consumption and use. You can also treat grey and black water and recycle it for use in daily activities such as cleaning, irrigation and water supply for animal water holes and troughs.

With a green approach, customised design and a commitment to service excellence, Ashanti Trading can help you enjoy an abundance of crystal-clear water responsibly and cost-effectively. Our biological water treatment solutions include the following:

  • Purifying river water and borehole water
  • Mobile water purification systems
  • Water softening systems
  • Reverse osmosis water filter systems
  • De-scaling and catalytic water conditioning systems