Sewage treatment

Ashanti Trading implements a four-stage biological sewage treatment process:

  1. The Pump Station collects all sewage and waste water and separates faecal solids to produce effluent that is largely solid-free
  2. The Bioreactor Tanks reduce the total nitrogen and organic load through anoxic and aerobic processing; An aerobic fixed film process oxidises residual organics and provides an environment for a nitrifying bio-film – this is the two-step biological stage where nitrification and de-nitrification occurs
  3. A Clarification Tank separates sludge from clear water, leaving water ready to be sterilised
  4. A Sterilisation Tank treats the clear water with either Ozone or Ultraviolet technology, producing clean and odourless water in an environmentally-friendly manner
  5. Clean recycled water can be used for irrigation, game watering holes, etc