Sewage treatment plants

Ashanti Trading can tailor-make biological sewage systems according to your unique requirements. Modular in design, treatment plants are customised according to several factors, including the following are available using our sewage treatment plants:

  • Sewage conditions
  • Number of inhabitants
  • Location, eco-system and environment
  • Operating periods
  • Existing facilities, such as septic tanks
  • Required levels of oxygen in reactor tanks
  • Aesthetics

Ashanti Trading is dedicated to service excellence and will advise clients on the ideal Sewage treatment plant design and treatment system. This can range from a standard small 2 cube plant (called a ‘BioBE2, treating up to 2,000 litres of black and grey water daily), to a 500 cube plant (called a ‘BioBE500, treating up to 500,000 litres of waste water per day). Other plants can be custom made according to a client’s specifications. Our technology is simple but robust, with minimal mechanical components that combine to manage high peak flows.