Container Jack

Ashanti Trading with Container Jack provides new and second-hand containers, 6 or 12 meters long. Containers are highly-secure and can be converted into offices, kitchens, staff accommodation, shops and workshops. They can also be used for storage and transportation. Our container conversions are modern, attractive, well-appointed and can be solar-powered and sound-proofed.

Containers offer a cost-effective and secure solution for mobile businesses and, with Ashanti Trading’s patented Containerjack, you can load, transport and offload containers. Containerjack is especially useful in remote areas where cranes and trucks can’t gain easy access. With Containerjack, offloading a 20-ton container can be done with four people within 40 minutes. It has a maximum capacity of 32 tons.

Container jack is easy to transport and fits onto a one-ton bakkie, truck or LDV. It’s low maintenance, easy to operate and performs well in rugged environments. With Containerjack, collecting, transporting and delivering containers can be done cost-effectively and independently of specialist transporters, without any need for forklifts, cranes, side-loaders and other heavy machinery.

It enables you to pack, transport and unpack containers in your own time, in your own yard, at your convenience. The Ashanti Containerjack is professionally designed and has undergone extensive prototyping and field-testing.

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